Current issues and risks by severity

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70 High severity

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28 Medium severity

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11 Low severity

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Cyber intelligence gathering. Quantified.

Gather the intelligence that adversaries have so you can get a heads up and head start


Quantify cyber risk

Magnifying Glass

Identify your exposure

See your attack surface vulnerabilities. Have a single, accurate view so you can keep an eye on risk across exposure environments.

Security Camera

Real time visibility

Learn about the "opportunities" that adversaries can find in your attack surface. Know when new issues come to light.


Take action

Maximise risk reduction


Actionable data to manage investigations

Using multiple data-sources enriched with our bespoke scanning intelligence, Glasstrail builds a comprehensive view of your organisation's security posture across 40 possible findings.

Cloud Image

Gain a common understanding of priorities

The action driven dashboard cuts through the clutter of deciding which issues will have the biggest impact on your risk profile. Track and monitor progress for transparent risk management.

Dashboard Findings

Glasstrail gives us the insights we need quickly. We were up and running within an hour and soon knew where to focus our efforts. Plus the scheduled scan gives us comfort that we’ll know about new issues early.

- Andrew Taylor, Head of Product, EVA Check-in

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