The complete picture of external attack surface risks - without information overload or overwhelm.


Our journey began with a simple goal: to identify assets and risks efficiently in the external attack surface of our customers, without manually wading through a tonnes of data. The cyber security team at Theta knew from experience that manually finding risks was time-consuming and many existing scanning tools, while effective, didn’t cover the breadth of topics the team thought were relevant to the whole picture of external risk assessment.  

So, they teamed up with Theta’s dedicated product development team to make things better. Together, we launched Glasstrail in early 2022.

Today, our team is a blend of product innovation specialists, cyber experts, developers, marketers and customer success advocates, all committed to supporting Glasstrail and its customers. Our sole focus is to give you a handle on risks quickly and efficiently – and provide clear information about priorities and remediation options so you can get cracking with securing your information. No fuss. Just actionable insight.

Join us to get a heads up and head start on your external attack surface risks.

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The Glasstrail team

We’re still a small player in the massive cyber security industry. But we’re moving fast! Meet the team that make it happen.

Tali Blumgart

Project Manager

Jacob Allen

Product Developer

Navjot Singh

Product Developer

Jim Taylor

Product Architect

Ella Huffam-Hopkins

Project Manager

Rosemary Scott

Product Marketing

Thomas Bryant

Development Lead

Kate Doherty

Product Communications

Andrew Taylor

Product Manager